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Robert de Lenoncourt 1478

Daniel Clausen
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I have seen a small handful of sources claiming that Robert de Lenoncourt (Larmenius succession), Bishop of Reims, was Grandmaster and made overtures to the Vatican to gain recognition, which were declined. This would be a very early establishment of continuity if any evidence of these overtures could be found, either the letters of his plea, or the rejection from the Vatican. I have searched the Vatican Digital archive and found nothing. I have also contacted Barbara Frale of the Vatican Secret Archives, and she has no leads. If anyone ever discovers anything about this, please let me know.


Commander Daniel Clausen, OSMTJ-USA 

Topic starter Posted : 01/10/2020 3:19 pm
Daniel Clausen
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It is also said that Lenoncourt "received a new Rule" for the Templars.

Any info on this would additionally be very beneficial.

Topic starter Posted : 10/03/2021 2:01 pm